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Sunil Kumar Gupta is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Life Member of the Indian Council of Arbitration and Full Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (CPA-U).

Sunil is an entrepreneur par excellence, philanthropist and a great visionary. He is the Leader of Indo European Business Forum (IEBF) and also the Founder Chairman of SARC & Associates, Chartered Accountants and SARC Foundation and Life Trustee of Rashtriya Antyodaya Sangh, a Public Charitable Trust. He has over 32 years of experience in diverse fields such as Corporate planning, Financing, Taxation, Banking, Education, Investments, Oil & Gas and in project implementations.

An award winning entrepreneur, Sunil believes strongly in Entrepreneurship and recognizes it as the strongest pillar of an empowered economy. He is an angel investor and promotes entrepreneurship across the globe. His role in promoting entrepreneurship and in nation building is evident from his highly recognized and much appreciated business shows – “Business Inside” on national channel DD National (Doordarshan) and “Big Business Ideas” on Zee Business. The shows were centered on educating the youth about the schemes/initiatives of the government as a step towards nation building. The episodes were focused on MSME sector for public at large and some episodes were dedicated to “Make in India”, “Start-Up India, “Stand-Up India, “Mudra Yojana” along with “Credit Guarantee Fund” and many more. Through his shows he had persuaded the youth to enter the entrepreneurial segment with government’s help and support. Both the shows garnered more than eight crore viewership in 104 weeks of their telecast and were among the highest rated TRP shows.

Sunil has also authored some well appreciated books. His bestsellers being:

‘Make in India- A Compendium of Business Opportunities & Laws in India’, the book is a detailed compilation of various business and investment opportunities in India. Also, the book covers the schemes and initiatives showcasing the country as one of the most attractive business destination. The book also caters to the other important segments like Ease of Doing Business, FTP, FDI, State policies, Entry Modes and Funding options and gives a brief overview of Indian demography and economic profile.

‘Window to Success-An Insight into MSME Sector’ This book has been structured to provide the valuable information about MSME sector. It provides vast detail of various government/semi-government/financial institution schemes available for MSME sector. The book covers all major funding and other schemes available to the existing MSMEs and the ones proposed to be incorporated.

‘North East – The Land of Rising Opportunities’ This book provides on overview on how North Eastern Region is an attractive destination for various foreign, domestic investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. Compiled from various Government resources, the book is designed as a business advisor-cum-guide for all those who believe in the incredible growth story of India and aspire to benefit from the boundless business opportunities available in the promising land of a liberalized economy.

Continuing with his deliberate efforts to educate the countrymen, he has written various blogs and articles on Central and State Government’s schemes to provide better understanding of steps taken by government which can be read at

  • One Nation-One Tax: Goods and Services Tax (GST);
  • Companies Amendment Act 2017-Another big move for ease of doing business;
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): A Dream Weaver for Everyone’s Home and many more.
  • Ease of Doing Business (EODB) in India: India on Course For a Big Leap as Top Investment Destination in the World

Sunil has been a crucial part of various international delegations and has participated in various international conferences. In 2012, he also accompanied Former Hon’ble President of India as a part of the business delegation to Seychelles and South Africa, addressing different bilateral issues.

As an economist, philanthropist and Leader of Indo-European Business Forum, Sunil has organized several international and national networking meets and conferences to provide a platform for better business and networking opportunities, formulation of cross border policies and agreements, awareness on various initiatives and policies. Till date Sunil has hosted as much as 27 events in presence of some most prestigious and high power personalities including, Rt. Hon’ble Baroness Sandip Verma of the House of Lords; Ministers, top industrialists and bureaucrats from across the world.

List of international delegations and conferences organized by Sunil Kumar Gupta:

  1. Roundtable Conference on Investment Opportunities in Uganda at SARC Tower, New Delhi on 12th March, 2018
  1. Global Business Pinnacle 2018 at SARC Auditorium, New Delhi on 24th February, 2018
  2. Business Networking Meet on ‘Investment opportunities available in India’ at Boothroyd Room of Portcullis House, London on 17th November, 2017
  3. Global Business Meet on ‘Invest in New India’ held on 17th November, 2017 at The House of Lords, Westminster, London
  4. Business Networking Meet held on 10th November, 2017 at SARC Auditorium, New Delhi
  5. Business Networking Meet of Indo European Business Forum (IEBF) held on 25th November, 2016 at ‘Magnolia’ Habitat World, at India Habitat Centre
  6. Global Business Meet and IEBF Excellence Awards 2016 at Lords Cricket Ground, London on 16th November, 2016
  7. Business Networking Meet on 25th November, 2016, at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
  8. Global Business Meet on ‘Make in India’ & IEBF Excellence Award-2015 at House of Lord, Westminster on 5th October, 2015
  9. ‘Role of Chartered Accountants on Make in India’ at Aroma Hotel, Chandigarh, on 1st December, 2015
  10. Global Business Meet & IEBF Excellence Award-2014 at House of Lord, Westminster on 24th September, 2014
  11. India-UK partnering for Sustainable growth at India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India on 1st September, 2013 & release of the Book “BIG Business Guru”
  12. Indo-UK business conference at Clement House, London School of Economics on 31st January, 2013
  13. Business Partnering conference 2013 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 9th January, 2013
  14. Reception of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik, on 28th May, 2012
  15. Opportunities in Infrastructure Investment in India and its Challenges on 28th March, 2012
  16. Face of Indian Banking in UK on 23rd September, 2011
  17. IEBF in association with the BIF organized an event on Film and Media on 16th March, 2011
  18. IEBF in association with CII and CBC on 10th November, 2010
  19. Incredible India, 16th August, 2010
  20. Business India Forum on 22nd July, 2010
  21. Delegation to India on 8th January, 2010
  22. The Netherlands: the stepping stone in the Continental Europe for Indian Business on 8th December, 2009
  23. UK-India Business Relationship Conference, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 4th July 2008
  24. Trade Mission to UK-Invitation to UK Entrepreneurs and Indian Law firms on 2nd September, 2008
  25. Judicial Reforms in India on 31st October, 2008
  26. Government of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India and IEBF from 25th – 27th October, 2007


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